Company Rules
Read our rules before investment
1. General Provisions
1.1 Persons who have reached the age of majority in accordance with the legislation of the country of which they are citizens are allowed to participate in the investment project.
1.2 Participation in the project is completely anonymous. Participants do not need to provide any identity documents, or documents containing personal data.
1.3 Registration on the website is compulsory procedure that will give you access to participate in the investment project.
1.4 Registration on the company's website means automatic consent to the rules of cooperation and consent to the processing of personal data.
1.5 User Agreement can be changed at any time. Administration has the right to add or delete any parts of this User Agreement without notice to the clients. New version of the User Agreement shall enter into force on the date of its posting on the website.
2. The rights of the participants
The participant has right to:

2.1 register on the website and have only one account in the system.
2.2 become our partner and attract referrals, receiving partner reward.
2.3 use one or more investment plans at its discretion.
2.4 transfer money to the account in the system by any of the ways available on the website.
2.5 dispose of the profit at his own discretion.
3. The obligations of the participants
The participant undertakes to:

3.1 store all authorization data in an environment where third parties are not admitted to them, and take all available actions to protect their personal data from unauthorized and malicious access.
3.2 immediately notify administration of any unauthorized use of his account or password or any other breach of security, if there was one.
3.3 provide the company only with true and current personal information and e-mail address.
3.4 use exclusively legally obtained money funds to deposit their personal account.
4. The obligations of the company
The company undertakes to:

4.1 monitor the health of the website and to ensure unimpeded access to an account.

4.2 comply with the privacy policy which stipulates non-distribution of clients’ personal information.
4.3 observe financial discipline, involving the timely accrual of dividends in accordance with the terms of investment plans and partnership program.
4.4 produce payment to the client only in the currency he used when opening the deposit.
4.5 create conditions for successful investment activity of clients, including information and technical support.
5. The rights of the company
The company has a right to:

5.1 limit the use of the website and/or the personal account for any reason and without notice in cases when the client violates these rules.
5.2 use the information provided by the client (e-mail address) for sending to the client newsletters, notifications, emails about updates, but not limited to the above.
5.3 change the regulations, commissions and rates of the program at any time and at its sole discretion without prior notice to the clients.
5.4 refuse the registration of personal account or block it if there are confirmed attempts of afflicting damage to the company. The company also reserves the right to block the accounts of the participants without the possibility of subsequent recovery in the event of the creation of multiple registrations on the website.